How to Pronounce:
/ bee-zhoo • ko-mo-reh-bee /

Komorebi means "sunlight that streams through trees" in Japanese
Bijoux means "small, delicate jewels" in French

At Bijoux Komorebi, we hope to evoke that feeling of wonder and delight—as komorebi does—through our dainty and elegant handmade jewelry. ✨

Handmade in California. Born in Hawaii. AAPI Woman-owned. ♡

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Meet The Founder

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle. I was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii, but I currently reside in San Francisco, California. I'm the proud owner of this small business, Bijoux Komorebi. 

Since early elementary school, I've loved being crafty and creating things with my own hands. Not to mention, I was a little wannabe fashionista. I would steal my mom and grandma's clothing and jewelry, and strut through our hallway like it was a red carpet. With my passion for crafts and fashion, I learned how to create intricate beaded bracelets and keychains through instructional booklets I found at the local craft store. And once I started, I couldn't stop. I made more beaded jewelry and accessories than I can remember, simply because it brought me so much happiness to turn my creative energy into something tangible that I could enjoy again and again. 

Through my journey to reconnect with my inner child, I decided to revisit this hobby that I deeply loved and share it with the world to hopefully enjoy with me. Thus, Bijoux Komorebi was born to encourage little moments of delight through everyday accessories. To every one of you that has supported me through this journey, thank you for helping my childhood dream come true. ✨